Yorkshire Puzzles

These three books of Yorkshire Puzzles are all based on a regional theme. Each one is a collection of 50 brainteasers including crosswords and other types of word-games. The books have been written to test your knowledge of the county on all levels, so don't expect to find them an easy challenge unless you are a real expert on Yorkshire dialect, cricket, brass bands, geography, history, beer… and so the list goes on.

What they said about the first book of Yorkshire Puzzles:

“Aimed at the more knowledgeable reader, this volume is filled with tough questions that will challenge even the most ardent Yorkshirephiles.”

Dalesman, February 2017

And what they said about the second in the series:

“With more variety than you’d normally expect in a book of this kind, avid puzzlers will enjoy tackling the word games which cover a host of Yorkshire subjects, from football club nicknames to the Vikings.”

Dalesman, June 2017

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Please visit Amazon to buy the books by clicking on the images below. The books are also stocked in various bookshops and venues around the county. For further information, please click here to send your email.

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Yorkshire Puzzles
Yorkshire Puzzles II
Yorkshire Puzzles III


Here are some links to downloadable samples from the Yorkshire Puzzles series. Give them a try and see how you get on. In the books the answers are given in the back, so if you buy them, you won’t be left guessing!

Sample 1: Yorkshire Puzzles, number 23

Sample 2: Yorkshire Puzzles, number 31

Sample 3: Yorkshire Puzzles III, number 23