Talks, Workshops and Quizzes

I am always delighted to give talks, lead workshops or run quizzes for groups out and about. Outline details of various possible sessions follow, though I will be happy to vary the content to suit the audience. I ask for a small fee in return and can usually turn out at short notice. A selection of my books can be put on display and made available for purchase, with 10% of takings going to the organisers of the event afterwards.

PPQs - Puzzles & Poems - Quiz
This will follow a similar style to a pub quiz, with a final round being a set of anagrams. The content can be customised to suit an occasion and can vary in length, though it is likely to follow a Nostalgia, a Yorkshire or a Classical theme.

A Sonnet for All - Workshop
This practical workshop will focus on how to write a traditional sonnet and will allow a group of people working together to write a shared creation, which will be read aloud at the end of the session. The outcome will always be unpredictable but fun should be had by all.

A Puzzling Sort of Game - Talk
This talk will describe the creation of a variety of types of puzzle, exploring different types of clues and explaining how they work, including cryptic puzzles. It will be particularly useful for those of a creative and enquiring mind.

100 Yorkshire Stars- Talk

This talk will investigate how a list of the county’s top personalities was formulated in the process of writing the book, Sonnets for Yorkshire Stars.

100 Classical Stars - Talk
This talk will investigate how a list of some top names in classical history and mythology was formulated in the process of writing the book, Sonnets for Classical Stars.

FAKE NEWS: what the Romans span for us - Talk
This talk will look at how various Roman emperors made use of political spin, generally to make other Roman emperors seem more awful than they were themselves (warning - some of this could be a little bit rude).

Interactive Display design

I have written many software titles over the years and am able to create interactive touchscreen displays for museums and visitor centres on request. Six examples of my recent work are currently to be found in the World of James Herriot in Thirsk.

Private Tuition in Latin and Ancient Greek

I offer private tuition in Latin or Greek for motivated students of all ages who are prepared to travel for their lessons to the Malton area or to work via Zoom. I can cater for all ability ranges, from beginners to university level. My charge would be £36 per hour, regardless of how many people would be involved in a class.

My preferred method of teaching Latin is to use my own course, Imperium. See link for details:

Writing Services

I am able to create custom puzzles or sonnets on request, to suit a particular location or occasion. All I’d need would be a set of information, vocabulary and a theme.


Latin on Request

If you've always wanted to have a Latin motto, or you need to have something translated either into or from the language, please get in touch and I will see what I can do.

If any of these ideas appeals to you, please email me to discuss it.